Our week: Spring break edition...

 Last week was Spring Break; therefore, blogging went on a total hiatus as I tried my darnedest to keep 4 children happy, fed, and entertained. Blake was also busy each night trying to improve our pig feeding situation and since he was kind enough to take two days off to come on a trip with us, I tried to be kind enough to keep the kids happy so he could get a few projects done before we left.

*We started it all out by laying down some ground rules. Actually the rules kind of evolved over the course of the week. Except for one really long day with a fussy Perry - the kids did exceptionally well at getting along.

*Our neighbors asked us to "cat-sit" which was very helpful at keeping the girls entertained. Cosie would disappear for 20 minutes at a time chasing these felines all around our yard.

*We decorated for Easter which meant the kids found the plastic eggs and baskets so there was about a half a dozen egg hunts over the week. My kids never tire of hiding/finding empty eggs. It makes Easter all that more magical when something is actually in them.

*Arts, crafts, and experiments. If it involved paint, glue, baking soda, vinegar, cornstarch, water, or markers - than we did it. I had picked up a science book from the library and we put it to good use.

*We took Talmage his Easter flowers from the plants that are shooting up all over this yard. I love this time of year! I think if I had to pick - Spring would be my favorite!

*We road-tripped to visit my sisters in Eastern Idaho - more to come on those adventures - we will just say that ice cream was involved, often!

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