Our week 2nd edition...

Well this worked for last week - so let's try it again.

Things of note this week:

*Boxtrolls - the kids watched the movie a few weekends back and although it wasn't anyone's favorite they do love it as a new form of entertainment. Thank goodness for leftover moving boxes.

*Fielding colored his heart out on this picture. He has become obsessed with printing out pictures and using markers to color them - this makes his mama very, very happy!

*Lots of parks and outdoor play and outdoor work. We even broke out swimsuits for the first time on Saturday - Woo hoo!

 *Blake caught a snake for the kids. They were all brave enough to hold it which surprised their mom. I had just told him 20 minutes before that he better hope I never find a snake in this yard because all my weeding skills would no longer be of benefit. I am sure it won't be our last snake.

The kids loved it and totally wanted it for a pet - ummm, no.

 *Blake got a new ride - he looks super hot behind the wheel of "Rusty". Our transformation into true Idahoans is now complete.

At the moment (it will be a brief moment) the entire family can fit in it which makes Saturday outings to go get dirt very exciting!


AndersonGR8 said...

Nice update on the happenings on the farm. When the homemade trailer shows up behind the pickup then I will agree that your emersion in the Idaho will almost be complete. It's just in your blood.

HowellAZ said...

Yes, I agree...it's futile to resist what's in the blood. Haha! I think the truck is awesome and when Ben gets home in a zillion years I'll show it to him because he loves trucks. A boy at heart, I guess. :)
All your kids are adorable and getting SO BIG! Tell them to stop it!