My week in status updates...

The neighbor dropped off her baby so I could watch it, Fielding was going potty when she did, so when he came out he said, "Wow Mom, you just had the baby!" Like 3 minutes is all it takes.

Hmmm... Blake just ditched me for our date so he could stay with the pigs. This is not good for my self esteem.

The key to a successful Stake Conference with four kids is to go strait for one of the side-rooms. I won't attempt siting in the chapel ever again until my children are out of the house.

The kids all woke to Aunt Kara here (due to unexpected airline drama) - pretty sure that makes this the "Best Monday Ever!"

The four year old that was over to play: "What button do I push to clear the screen?"
Me: "It's an etch-a-sketch. You shake it."

I'm turning more Idaho by the minute - I use the phrase "go to town", have a slop bucket on my counter, and every member of the family now owns a pair of muck boots.

It's one thing that I have to wipe my son's bum after his business - it's a whole other that I have to listen to his commentary on the size, shape, and texture of said business while doing so.


Jo said...

Fielding cracks me up.

HowellAZ said...

Seriously..."wow Mom, you just had the baby!" - best line ever.