Me and the boys...

We are well into the school year so I should be used to the fact that my girls are off at school the majority of the time during our weekdays, leaving me and the boys at home searching for entertainment. But I am not. It was me and the girls for so long that it has come as a shock that now it is me and the boys.

I was just commenting the other day to my mom that I now own more "boy dress-ups" than girl ones. For years, there was not a day that went by without a fairy or a ballerina prancing through the house. But the girls have outgrown that and if they do dress up it is usually as a ninja or pirate which means black leo and black tights.  Luckily, I still have a Power Ranger storming through the castle with swords swinging, saying "I gonna cut off all your arms!" (I can't believe that someday I won't have kids that dress-up anymore...)

Also, my girls loved all things artsy. I could kill hours and hours of our day by just forfeiting my dining room table over to paper, markers, glue, scissors, and glitter. Now I got Fielding - Fielding might color for 5 minutes... on a good day... if I catch him in the right mood. So sadly, the crayons and coloring books do not get the love they deserve anymore. 

If Fielding did have to pick his medium of choice, it would be glue - a whole bottle was used on this one letter O.

So in the afternoons, we try to do things more Fielding style which means we go outside a lot (thankfully the weather has somewhat cooperated this late winter to allow for this).

We also read books, do sensory play, and have Lego parties but I think Fielding's favorite time of day is when this happens:

Perry still naps consistently every afternoon which has been really helpful as I do projects around the house. Fielding loves that he gets to watch shows during this time and makes his sister, Cosie, jealous each day as he brags about which library video he got to watch that day.

So I don't really know the point of this post - just that we are in boy mode right now. I keep thinking that if this next baby is a girl it will throw me off once more - oh you like to sit and thread Fruit Loops on a string in a nice organized pattern, I thought kids your age just smashed them with their fists to "blitherings."

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AndersonGR8 said...

Yes, that was a great ramble about the boys. Just think of all of the exercise you get chasing boys around the home and yard. They will keep you young!