I checked out an inspiring children's book from the library called Ish by Peter H. Reynolds.

It is about a boy named Ramon who loves to draw. Until one fateful day when his big brother criticizes his artwork, which ultimately makes Ramon quit drawing. One day their younger sister shows Ramon her room where she has hung all his "failed attempts." He asks why she has kept them, "This was supposed to be a vase. It doesn't even look like one." To which little sister wisely proclaims, "But it looks vase-ish." And that tiny word "ish" changes everything for Ramon. He draws ish-drawings, he writes ish-poems, he feels ish-feelings. 

It's a lovely book that really helped my two daughters no longer strive so much for perfection when it came to their creativity and to just enjoy the process. One of my favorite ways to praise their art now is to say, "It looks princess-ish, or flower-ish, or colorful-ish." To which they respond with beaming smiles and proud eyes.

It's a good book that was good for my girl's to read. 

And it was a good book that was good for their mom to read. 

Not only have I applied it to them - I have applied it to myself.

Thinking ish-ly helps take off the pressure of doing things just right. It has helped me redefine myself in some pretty powerful ways lately.

For instance, after a talk I gave at church. A sweet lady in the congregation came up to me and said, "Are you a writer?"

My immediate response to this question was "Oh no." Followed by, "Well I blog a lot. And document everything. And dream some day to write a book. So yea, I guess I am writer... ish"

And as soon as it came out of my mouth, I smiled. 

I am writer-ish.

I am also crafty-ish, photographer-ish, marathon runner-ish, maid-ish, teacher-ish, blogger-ish, baker-ish, pig farmer-ish, gardener-ish, chef-ish, and seamstress-ish.

Someday one of these ish-roles might become more complete. Maybe someday I will be able to drop the ish and say I am a writer or a teacher or a gardener.  

But right now I am a mom...

 and there is no ish about that.


Jo said...

You are more bonafide in many of your self-described ish roles in my eyes and I dare say many others than you realize! I'm glad you share your insights with the rest of us. I certainly appreciate them.

AndersonGR8 said...

Yes, you are a pretty multi-talented -ISH. One of those posts that makes you think a little about all the roles we play and which ones we feel we have greater control over. Nicely done with all of those -ish roles. Agreed - no -ish after mom - or daughter!

HowellAZ said...

Such a great post! I really love your way with words. I agree with dropping the 'ish' from mom, but you should preface it with 'super'.