Christy's farm...

 Christy's house was a total animal party. First, she told us that one of her mama cats had babies but they couldn't locate where she had stashed them. So we went on a kitty hunt and found them in the camper all fat and happy. A treasure hunt that ends with baby kitties - life couldn't get any better for these kids!

The next day we went to town and helped her pick up her batch of baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys. 

And Tyree picked up a bunny just for good measure.

Once we got all those animals settled into their appropriate hutches we headed out to visit the horses.

That is how you do Spring Break on the farm - kitties, chicks, ducks, turkeys, bunnies, and horses.

We also visited the "bone-yard." (Which Fielding enjoys way too much - before we even stopped the four-wheeler he was yelling, "Let me off! I want to hold them! I love it!")


Ate lots of yummy food. (Christy asked Fielding if he wanted quesidillas or nachos for lunch to which he replied, "Mashed potatoes" and Christy was kind enough to oblige.) 

And just enjoyed the beautiful spring weather down on the farm! 

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Jana Weaver said...

Looks like kid heaven!
Your comment about everyone asking if we're all done having children reminded me how we got the exact same comments after we had Carter: "You've got one of each so now you can be done."