We are enjoying our new hobby as pig farmers. 

The kids and I go out multiple times a day to feed, water, and check on them. Blake goes out before and after work. Besides a minor kink in our watering system that led to me hauling buckets of freezing water in the early morning frost (I felt pretty hardcore farmer-ish in my irrigation boots), we haven't had any big issues yet. Pigs are notorious for digging out of their pens so we have been keeping an eye on all their digging.

 I love feeding them - it is a total frenzy. I really like giving them our food scraps (apple cores, celery ends, old moldy cheese, etc) - it seems to be their favorite thing and they get so excited when they see me hauling a bucket. I also like seeing them in the morning when they are all snuggled together in a pig-pile staying warm.

They also love Perry and won't take their eyes off of him when he comes with me - I think they want to eat him.

 They are all girls and came from two different sows - so some are sisters - I don't know which ones. How about some introductions:

She is the littlest and gets the most love. She has a light-colored stripe on her side that truly does make her look like bacon. Because she is the smallest, we worried about her getting enough food but she has definitely learned how to hold her own... she is the one I see rooting around the food trough the most.

This is Tim and Jolene's pig (Blake's parents). She is also one of the smaller ones and seems the most mellow out of the group. We help her out with food as well since she can get pushed around.

 I think she is the prettiest - her coat has a lot of red in it and since I have always had a thing for red hair, I am a big fan.

Has similar coloring as Bacon but instead of a stripe she is fully two-toned. She is medium-sized. 

 Socks is the boss. She is the biggest and can usually be found with her foot in the food trough pushing everyone out of the way. She is such a typical big sister and I am sure drives all the littler pigs crazy.

They are still little and cute and new. We are having lots of fun learning the ins and outs of it all. I love seeing the kids get excited about going to see them. I love when they "show them off" to their friends who are visiting.

And just like I told Blake yesterday, I think I kind of love them.


AndersonGR8 said...

Yes, I can tell you love them --- I see that hungry look in your eye.

Britt said...

They look so sweet and innocent! But they probably really do want to eat Perry! We had pigs when I was growing up, and they wanted to eat us. They used to tear our chickens to shreds. Hopefully your pigs are nicer. Ours were like the career tributes in The Hunger Games.