We threw a housewarming party today because:

a) We wanted to show off our new digs
b) It forced me to get a few more to-do's checked off my list
c) The weather was begging for someone to come frolic in it

It was so fun to see friends that we haven't seen since the move and to let the kids go hog-wild in our yard. The weather could not have been more gorgeous for a February day and it made the party all the better. After the party ended, my kids spent the remainder of the evening playing fairies outside. Perry was dying to join them and since our yard is not fully fenced (yet) I took a book and read while I followed him around. He, of course, headed for the road so I walked the "neighborhood" with him and said hi to the horses and chickens and kitties that we met along the way.

This was the view we returned home to:

The house was all lit up, the kids were camped out on the chairs on the deck discussing fairies and Jack Frost, and I could see Blake through the window crashed out on the bed (he is still trying to fully recover from his cold). My heart was full as I realized this all belongs to me...

How did a girl get so lucky?

This home we found is so us. It has the space we need without feeling ostentatious. It is old and quirky but has been showed some love with pretty new trim and doors and flooring that make for less eye-twitching on my part. It has the most amazing yard and I can not wait until Spring to see what pops out of the ground. And as we learned today, it was totally meant to party - 

Just like us!


Shelby Olson said...

Congrats to you, it's beautiful, and you deserve a beautiful life because you a re a beautiful person!

AndersonGR8 said...

That is a nice way to introduce friends to a great drop off spot for their kiddos. I imagine that yard will always have a handful running around - yours and theirs.

Stacey Thompson said...

What a beautiful house that fits you perfectly. Congrats. It truly looks like home. I wish I could have gone frolicking with you.

HowellAZ said...

This was a great post to read and I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see your new digs. Hopefully at the end of the summer we'll be around. I'll keep you posted. :)