This boy is on one.

He yells if he is hungry.
He yells if he is full.
He yells if he needs poop.
He yells if he can't get his seat buckled over his strapped-on backpack and arms full of sticks and treasures.
He yells if he is cold.
He yells if he is hot.
He yells if we are staying home.
He yells "I WANT TO GO HOME!" if we have gone somewhere.
He yells if Perry is near him.
He yells if Cosie is ignoring him.
He yells if Paisley is talking.
He yells about the songs in the car even if he is the one who just picked it.

Today he yelled because the in-seam on his comfy-pants was twisted a hair and "IT IS PULLING ON MY LEG - I FEEL THE LINE!"

That's when I knew this went beyond your normal 4 year old tantrums. 

This kid has to be growing - it has to be a phase - it has to be one of those two week things that I read back on in a few weeks and think, "I'm so glad he snapped out of that one!" The past week he has spent the majority of the day rolling around the floor. He can't focus. He can't engage into a project. He can't get along with any of his siblings. He can't decide what he wants to eat.

The only thing that is going well for us is that the second his head hits the pillow he is out - that is why I think it has to be a growth thing. 

And I am hoping it passes soon.

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Pops said...

Must be time for a good old fashioned wrestle. Wish I was there too give him one.