3rd tri...

I'm officially 28 weeks, which means I am in my 3rd trimester. Here is what is happening on the baby-growing front:

*My 2nd trimester energy surges are subsiding. I think I get more done during the 2nd trimesters of my pregnancies then I do the entire 2 years in between them.

*My dreams are crazy. In them, Blake is bishop, my children are undergoing plastic surgery to look like one another, and I am always in need of going to the bathroom. I wake frantic (and having to pee) from them multiple times a night.

*I have fully embraced leggings this pregnancy. Tell me how immodest they are. Tell me how casual they are. Tell me that don't count as pants. I'm not listening - they are the first "leg-wear" that actually stays on my waist while pregnant - which counts for something in my book.

*I am living in fear of my phone ringing from my OBGYN office. If it does that means I have failed my glucose test and will have to waste 3-hours of my life taking the long one (only for it to come back fine). Glucola is my arch-nemesis.

*I am really moody. I feel so sorry for Blake. I once read an analogy about how this lady viewed herself as "San Diego" - always 72 degrees and her husband was the "weatherman" - it's sunny, it's cloudy, there is a chance of thunderstorms. This is so us at the moment but in reverse - Blake never knows which version of his wife he will come home to. He can call and I will be chipper and fine, 30 minutes later when he walks in the door, I am silent and snappy. I hate it - and I feel that the fact that he is so emotionally stable only makes my non-stableness all the more noticeable.

*3rd trimester Cyndi has great skin. I say this because the last few months of pregnancy are the only time I don't break out like a 16-year-old before the prom.

*I had to speak in church - I cried a lot. Pregnant women should not be expected to do any form of public speaking.

*I just realized I don't have an infant car seat anymore - the fact that I have to buy yet another car seat makes me a little nauseous.


Britt said...

I'm glad you're moody. It makes me feel better about life. Haha!

My friend was asked to speak in sacrament when she was 36 weeks. She is very shy and has a really hard time speaking, so she was really stressed out. After sacrament meeting, she walked out the door and went straight to the hospital and had her baby. The baby was super tiny, but he was fine.

HowellAZ said...

Oh dear - talking in church. I'm just throwing this out there, but it could be because only men are involved in planning these things. Women would never do that to each other - ha! Glad you're feeling well. We cannot wait to see your farms. Loved all the pics of the pigs.