The bee...

Paisley advanced to the school-wide spelling bee - she was excited that she made it.

We practiced and she felt prepared but I could tell (by the fact that she wouldn't take off her coat) that she was nervous. Paisley is a first child - she has a lot of first child characteristics - she likes to finish at the front of the pack and first in the class.

Unfortunately, the first word (SECOND) threw her off. Without hesitation she spelled it (C-E-C-O-N-D). She knew immediately she was wrong but tried hard to hang her head high as she sat through the remaining 4 rounds.  

But the moment she came over to me, she burst into tears. "I knew that word, I just messed up."

I tried to tell her it is ok. Even if she hadn't known the word - it is ok.

There was already talk of studying more next year...
 and slowing down to collect your thoughts...
 and recognizing that the words are drawn out of a hat and one kid might get "horizontal" and the next get "body" so you just have to do the best you can with what you got.

I think in life we can learn just as much from losing as we do from winning. 

And it was great to watch Paisley pull it back together and walk away with one of the girl's who did advance to the district-wide spelling bee and overhearing her tell her, "You did a good job."

Hunny - that is winning.


Jo said...

We learn a lot from our "failures" and they add to our success as individuals. You are a good mom and Paisley handled that really well.

Crystal said...

In 4th grade we had our class spelling bee ("preliminaries") and the word I got was host. Easy peasy, right? I was so nervous I accidentally put an e on the end. The teacher asked me to repeat it because "she couldn't hear me," but I think she was trying to give me a second chance at a dumb mistake. BUT...integrity won out and I spelled it wrong the second time on purpose since I had spelled it that way the first time. It is still such a clear memory for me.