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 New friends! 
I always joke that I don't need friends - I just need my kids to have friends. This isn't really true but I love more than anything when my kids find a kindred spirit that they can play the day away with.

 I went to this awesome furniture store that was "just my style." I wanted a new desk for the living room and found a good one. But after looking at the price tag it dawned on me - I have a desk just like that - it is just nastily stained and dirty and being used as a tool bench. So I resurrected this from our garage and love the way it turned out. 

While the kids and I were exploring the yard, we found this metal filing cabinet filled with pine needles and spiders. I fell in love with it and got it up to the house and all cleaned up. Blake looked at me like I was insane, "It's covered in rust - are you sure you want that in our house?" To which I smiled and said, "YES - Isn't it awesome?" (The teapot in the desk picture is also a treasure found in the yard).

 It was mismatch day at school. Paisley was so hesitant about it - she wanted to participate but not stand out so she just wore mismatched socks. Cosette, on the other hand, got all into it and even asked, "Mom, can you braid my hair on this side but just do a piggy tail on the other?" 

 I got three out of the five bedrooms repainted and I love the cleanliness that comes with fresh paint.

 We take advantage of every ounce of sun we see - even if there is still snow on the side of the roads.

Sister's shoes!
 Perry is in that shoe/hat/coat phase where he loves to try them all on.

Community Education!
I am so glad that our Parks and Rec department added karate to their community education selection. I just couldn't justify the small fortune that we would have had to spend anywhere else. Fielding is loving it!

 January trips to the park keep me sane. We only lasted 30 minutes but it was enough vitamin D to put a smile on all our faces.

The library!
Our favorite place to hang out. I love, love, love, love, love, love our libraries!

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Micah Taylor said...

Yay!! I love all these updates!! Great yard finds -- and super cute kids :)