Ninja cakes and other fun...

 So like I said Fielding's only request for his cake was a "ninja on top." I thought that would be easy enough but after a few thrift store searches and a trip down the Wal-mart toy aisle and still no ninja, I realized that I would have to break down and head to Toys-R-Us. There we searched high and low and still were coming up empty-handed so we headed to the Lego section to see what there Ninjago sets had to offer... not much and at a much higher price than I thought this little cake topper should be. We settled on a set after much encouragement on Mom's part that I would make it cool. We were turning the corner to go check out when Fielding spied an end cap containing these  over-sized Lego alarm clocks. It was true love and "Look Mom - the perfect Ninja." He doesn't request much very often - so I gave him his one true birthday wish and it was worth the smiles!

We plopped Cole down on a rich and chocolaty throne of glory and life was complete for this four year old.

And nothing makes a birthday more complete then opening presents with both sets of Grandparents and a few close friends in attendance. The only disappointment for the day was after cake he asked, "Will it still be my birthday tomorrow?" To which I said "No." To which he informed me, "But I like my birthday not to end."

But atleast we have Grandma and Grandpa Anderson in town for the weekend to make the party last a wee bit longer.


Jo said...

Good food, good cake, great birthday party! Good job, Cyndi!

HowellAZ said...

Yes, that cake is fantastic and just look at that boy's smile. Perfection achieved!