New classes...

 So with the move and the new year - the kids have had a lot of new classes.

At church:
Perry turned 18 months and is now able to attend nursery. He loves it and Blake and I enjoy the break from holding a wiggly little boy during Sunday school.

Fielding went to Sunbeams - the official start of Primary. It took Blake a good 15 minutes and threatening to throw away his Power Ranger mask before he would go in but once there he loved it. And this week he bounded off to class with his sisters like a pro.

At school:

Cosette is still in afternoon Kindergarten. Her class only has 13 other kids in it which is awesome. She enjoys the homework and being able to ride the bus (both ways). She does not enjoy that her school is located on a windy hill where she freezes everyday at recess. 

Paisley has completely fallen in love with her new school. I think she enjoyed all the attention of being the new kid and has already made some great friends. The bus stop is right out our front door which has made school transportation a thousand times better for me. One noteworthy thing that happened this first week is that on the bus on her second day of school, Paisley found a bullet casing in her coat pocket (her friend had given it to her awhile back). Instead of sticking it back in her pocket, she showed all her friends and told the bus driver and then once at school went to the office to "turn it in." The school safety guy then had to talk with her and the principal. She kept assuring me that "I did the right thing, Mom. They kept telling me that I wasn't in trouble and that it was good that I turned it in." To which all I really wanted to say was, "Next time please just keep it in your pocket!" Not a super great first impression but at least we are in the gun-toting state of Idaho so I am sure this isn't the first bullet shell to make it to school.

The kids have adjusted well to these new changes - in fact I think it has been very exciting for each of them. I've noticed lots of growth in each of them this past month which has been fun to witness.


AndersonGR8 said...

Great update on the kids activities and pictures. All of us breathed a sigh of relief that the "To Blog" side won out over the "not to blog..." side. Don't scare us like that...

Jo said...

Yeah, I like your blog, but I didn't want to put pressure on you to continue if it's too much. But I do love reading all about your family and your thoughts.

HowellAZ said...

Great pictures of the kids and I love all the changes that have taken place, just in time for the start of a new year! I hope you're feeling well. It's so fun to keep up with you guys and you're so darn good at documenting. :)