Letting it roll...

I'm trying this new thing.

It's called staying home.

It seems I try this every January when it just gets too cold and when I have a little post-holiday whiplash of "I hate stores!"

And it doesn't hurt that we have this fun new house that has magically made old toys seem new once more.

 And that Santa dropped off marbles in everyone's stockings so the "He has all the marbles" whining has greatly decreased.

And that Fielding has his father's engineering brain and has come up with some pretty sweet tracks lately.

I am thoroughly enjoying my quiet afternoons with the boys once Cosie heads out the door for Kindergarten. Perry usually naps, Fielding gets to finally watch a show, and I clean/paint something/rest for the first little bit. Once Perry is up we pull out a toy or a project or bake an after-school snack (I am a firm believer in after-school snacks even for those of us not currently in school). The girls come home to a house that is clean-ish, smells yummy, and to smiley brothers who are eager for new playmates.

Our after school routine has greatly improved now that the girls can just skip through the front door without the drama of forcing two little boys back into their carseats, sitting in the parent pick-up traffic, and handing out granola bars to keep the girls from melting into an "I need food now" mess. 

Funny how tiny adjustments can make a big difference - especially when you are dealing with the likes of 4 little people during the hours of 4-6pm.


HowellAZ said...

I want to come home to your house after school. Waaah!

AndersonGR8 said...

I don't know - seems to me those boys need a few more connecting pieces for track extensions - after all you have 2 full floors and a landing to fill...