Happy New Year!

I think January 1st would be my favorite day of the year if only it fell on a hot sunny day in July. But instead it falls during the bitter cold of winter making it probably my second favorite day of the year.

I love the new beginnings of it.

I love the packing up and putting away of it.

I love the blank-slated-ness of it.

This is especially true this year as I still would consider myself in the moving stage. Our house is coming along but it still needs a wee-bit more help before it is home. It didn't help that we basically took the last week completely off to enjoy Christmas, our anniversary, and New Years but mainly to just play 3-hour board games.

Blake's brothers came to town and the only thing that seemed to matter was what game were we going to play next...

...And how to barricade the stairs.

We enjoyed getting to know Baby James - especially Paisley.

 She helped take good care of him during our marathon gaming.

Kids and adults stayed up way way way too late way too many times.  Blake and I vowed to ourselves we would be in bed by 10 tonight and I am looking forward to it! 

We've also been doing lots of errands trying to get our other house set to sell. Here all the kiddos and I are trying hard to find some entertainment in a completely empty house while we wait for the carpet-cleaning guy who was late. The house went on the market this week and I look forward to being done with it.

Ummm... I guess that is it. 

 I am in a major blogging funk. 

Here's to the hope of 2015 snapping me out of it.


AndersonGR8 said...

I think your only cure is a trip to Vancouver. Missed you over the holidays and look forward to the next opportunity to catch up.
All the best in 2015! Including that new Taylor!

HowellAZ said...

Happy New Year! Are you out of your blogging funk? It's been a week already! ;)