The 5 things in December that I didn't have time to blog about...

1. Piano Recital 
The girls did great with their Christmas songs. Cosette got to play a duet with her Grandma to start things off and was pretty proud.

2. Holiday outfits
 We pieced together outfits for the kids to wear to church to look merry and bright - thank you to all the hand-me-downers that we benefit from.

3. Dance performance
 Cosette performed at a retirement center for her dance class - she did a tap number to In Summer and the hula to Mele Kalikimaka. She has decided to stop dance for a bit and we got her registered to start gymnastics in January.

4. Confident school-agers
Paisley brought this home. I wish we all thought so highly of ourselves.

5. Hobbit the third.
 We made our final appearance as Gandalf and Galadrial at The Hobbit. They did away with the midnight release which was pretty disappointing since the crowd wasn't nearly as nerdy as usual but the 7pm showing probably helped this pregnant elf not sleep through the entire thing.

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