Keepin' it real...

Multiple kids have came in, gave our tree a once over, and asked "Is that a real tree?" 

But today I got my favorite yet:

Friend: "Is this tree real?" 
Fielding: "Yes."
Friend: "Like from outside?"
Fielding: "Yes - at the mountains."
Friend: "Ours is just from the store. I didn't know you could get an outside one!"

She was also perplexed why we had no decorations on it. It will be fancied up after the move - although the naked tree really does add a whole new level to the complete disarray that my house currently is in.


Jo said...

You might ask her if she knows where milk comes from...or maybe hamburgers.

AndersonGR8 said...

A tree Charlie Brown would have been proud of. You know in Washington - where you came from - the trees actually grow real limbs and lots of them. :)