My house is a mess which basically means my life is a bit of a mess. I am in total let it go mode.

Popcorn smashed into the toy-room carpet since last Friday - let it go.

Pancakes and hot dogs for dinner - let it go.

Towers of moving boxes every time I turn around - let it go.

But today I could no longer let it go in one regards - my minivan.

My minivan was filthy back in mid-November when we had a blizzard come through town and slosh everything up. Then we took a trip to Washington and basically a coloring book pages/pretzel stick/drippy ice cream cone/half the pine needles from the state of Washington bomb went off in there. I knew we were moving and told myself to just wait until after the move to really clean it out because moving will just dirty it up. 

But I could no longer take it, 

I needed something in my life to be clean and organized and functioning, so I choose my van.

And you know it is bad, like really, really bad, when you go to the car wash wearing rubber gloves. I was so scared when it came to vacuuming it out that I was going to find some small dead animal under one of the seats. 

I didn't but it was disgusting nonetheless and when I was all done clearing out the dozen waterbottles, the 6 lone socks all missing their mates, and enough food particles to feed a small army, the transformation was beautiful to behold.

It kind of makes me want to live in my van for the next week.

The moving train pulls out this weekend and I couldn't be happier!

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AndersonGR8 said...

Good luck with that move by the way. It seems I have helped have the world move and feel bad that I will be MIA on the day of your move. I will cheer you from afar. As a road warrior also this brought back many memories.