First-world problems in a first-world home...

I want to preface this by explaining that we have moved into a 70's era farmhouse that has been updated in some pretty awesome ways (except for the kitchen - it is still rocking the teeny-tiny cabinets of that era that my bottle of syrup won't even fit into). Although we doubled our square-footage and tripled our yard size, don't be confused to think that we are in some mansion. It is an older home with older home issues but we are completely in love with it and plan to never ever (or at least not for 40 years) move again.

With all that said, let's get to my actual post.

So new homes are awesome and exciting but they also come with a total learning curve. I feel like I had our last home functioning at almost the highest level that it could be. There were hooks where backpacks and coats needed to be dropped. There were baskets where shoes always seemed gather. There were bleach tablets in the awful toilets to keep the hard-water stains at bay as much as possible. Our house was nothing special by today's pinterest-standards but it was home and I had worked hard to do all those things for it that make a house warm and inviting and functioning.

Now we are getting settled here and I am trying to figure it all out all over again. Which has led to a lot of complaining about first-world problems. Blake and I enjoy saying these in a really nasally voice starting with a sigh or an ughhhh. So summon your snotty American accent and read a few of my first world problems with the new house:

*Why do we have so many shoes and coats?
We have a split level entry which has led to shoes, coats, and backpacks sprawling across two levels and a landing. Everyday I sit and think - Where do the hooks need to be? Where can the shoe-hider be placed? How do I get these kids trained from the get-go on where things need to be placed?

*Our two furnaces just don't keep it warm enough.
We have two furnaces that keep the bedrooms burning hot but the other much larger living spaces freezing cold. Everyday I sit and think - Which vents need to be closed? Which doors should remain open? What schedule should be the thermostats be set on so that I don't have to listen to Fielding's wailing over breakfast of, "IT'S TOO COLD TO EAT!"?

*This house has too many light switches.
We have a million light switches. I push at least 5 before I ever hit the right one.

* I can't find all my stuff.
One of favorite features in this home is the storage space. There are cabinets, closet organizers, and super awesome hidey-holes where you could store loads of stuff. Blake and I keep saying, "We have to be careful - this place is a hoarder's dream."

And our personal favorite:

*Ugggghhhh... I have to walk all the way downstairs to get my phone.
We aren't used to the set-up yet and usually the one thing we need is on the other level. This is especially frusterating for my 7-year-old who informs me daily, "I can't go get my socks, I have already been downstairs like 3 times." We are going to get some serious exercise in this house... and whatever it can't provide than the yard will make up for it.

It's a good home and we are breaking it in nicely... 

Now back to the boxes!

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Britt said...

I didn't even know houses could have two furnaces. At least not normal houses for normal people. Mansions, sure.