Christmas Eve was a Taylor party. 

These cool kids came to town so we've been spending lots of time playing games, eating food, and correcting the literalness of each other's sentences.

 Fielding admiring Grandma's tree before we did our annual singing of The Twelve Days of Christmas complete with actions... it's a great aerobic activity to burn off a few slivers of Jo's yummy fudge.

Then we told the nativity story while the kids set up fought over who got to set up the pieces. Next year we will be assigning the parts.

We headed home and caught a few hours of sleep before the kids were up and at it checking out the loot.

The boys got some more things with wheels. I'm pretty sure we now own over 2 dozen ride-on vehicles for the kiddos - anything to burn off some winter-cramped energy.

Paisley made our Christmas this year. She wanted a tetherball - she had no idea that Santa thought she meant the whole pole and all. So when she saw that she got the full setup (instead of just the ball she thought she was getting) she was beyond elated. It isn't every day that we exceed this girl's expectations so it was awesome watching her carry her ball telling everyone, "I just wanted a ball but I got the whole thing!" all day. We set it up in our shop and she begs hourly to go down there to play.

The aftermath. 

And as of noon today all the evidence that Christmas was here is packed up and the tree was thrown from the deck. That is what happens when Christmas and moving end up too close together... I couldn't wait to clear the house.

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Crystal said...

Our house is completely cleaned up, too. All our family comes into town and we basically live at my parent's house for a week while they're all here and I just can't stand having the clean-up looming, so I just get it done quick as possible. :)