10 years top 10...

 Today Blake and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  Yesterday as we went out to dinner we talked about some of our most memorable moments together during that time. Here is a top ten version for your enjoyment. The links are old blog posts on the event.

10. Hike to Roger's Canyon (freakiest night hike ever)
9. Paisley's birth (all of our children's births are memorable but there is nothing like that first)
8.Weekend beach trips (I love nothing more than watching Blake frolic on the beach)
7. Lake Tahoe Trip (first overnight trip without kiddos since Paisley's birth)
6. The day we found out we were expecting twins (this memory is complicated but on that day in that moment it was by far the happiest day of my life)
5. Epic road-trip to San Diego (915 miles in one day)
4. Tough Mudder (we have ran lots of the same races but this one Blake slowed down his pace to run it together)
3. Sawtooth camping (the last successful camping trip with 4 kids before we took up uncamping)
2. This Christmas (Blake and I think this was our best Christmas yet - new home, little kids who all still believe, and a baby on the way - our hearts were full of gratitude this holiday season)
1. White Clouds backpacking trip (this was when we truly celebrated our 10-year anniversary and it was spectacular)

All I wanted for our anniversary was a photo reenacting our engagement ones. But even the powers of mass-texting and Facebook-posting couldn't locate an old-time photo booth in the Boise area. We had to settle on the digital version which just doesn't quite have the same feel. I like to think that I brought back the popularity of photo booths. When we were engaged, I had this crazy idea to get our pictures taken in a photo booth to send out with our announcements. It was unheard of and people laughed at our frugal/informal photo choice. 

Now photo booths are all the rage at weddings - yeah, I started that.

Blake said it still embarrasses him to kiss on camera - so I don't know how I ever roped him into agreeing to this... but I am glad I did. These are still my favorite pictures from when we were young and in-love.


AndersonGR8 said...

Hey that is pretty cute - you have trained the boy well. Those 10 years got by us pretty quick - so maybe try to slow down the next 10. Great memories and wishes for greater challenges in picking the next 10 years top 10. Love to you kids!

HowellAZ said...

Wow! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary! That was a fun top 10 list to review. I mean, you guys have so much fun I'm sure it was hard to narrow down, but you did a great job. Here's to 10 more. And I agree with your parents...try to slow it down a bit, your kids are just growing way too fast.