One of the outings we did while in Washington was go to the Portland Zoo. I had been telling the kids we would do the zoo over track break but the weather in Boise did not cooperate so I am glad we could go in Washington so I wasn't a liar.

The best part of the outing... Dad and Grandpa came along! It made me realize that although I go to the zoo on a semi-annually basis, Blake has never came with us. Nothing beats when Dads have the day off.

 The best show of the day was by the river otters - one of them followed Fielding around the glass for a couple of minutes. He totally wanted to play.

We trapped Perry in the stroller and he stuck with it far longer than I thought he would - he just loved taking in the animals.
 Just some shots of the kiddos...

...And a bear.

At the end, we set Perry free and he couldn't have been happier!

Although occasionally he needed some help getting pointed in the right direction.

When we were leaving they were turning on all the Zoo Lights which was kind of exciting.

Except Blake wasn't too impressed - this is the face you get when you take a homebody away from home for too long. It was time to wrap things up.

Thanks Mom and Dad and thank you mother nature for a lovely warm day to help us un-thaw.

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HowellAZ said...

Haha! That Blake face is priceless! I totally identify with the homebody mentality. Today we took an excruciatingly long trip to NYC. Ugh. But, oh yeah, "making memories"!