Our December weekends are filling up fast so we came back a day early from Washington and took advantage of the warmish weather to go on a trek up the mountains in search of the perfect tree.

The kids were amazing this year - I didn't have to break out my "Sometimes you just need to be tough" speech once.

It helped that the sun kept shining down on us so no one ever got too cold.

Searching for trees - they are not always easy to come by here in Idaho.

 The kids liked finding the trees that were their size.

Measuring it off - a little tall.

"Just right!"

We ended up with a tree that was right off the road - so the kids loved playing in the mud-filled tracks while we waited for Dad to chop it, haul it, and load it.

We considered leaving Perry behind at Grandma's but I am so glad we brought him - he loved it. He never cried once which is a first for one of our babies on this particular outing. He would have ran this entire road back down the mountain if I hadn't swooped in and ruined his fun.

Christmas Tree Excursion 2014 goes down as the best yet on record.

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Micah Taylor said...

That is such a special tradition -- glad the kiddos survived happily this time