The kiddos:

Youngest to oldest here is what is happening on the kid front.

 -Has atleast 5 bruises on his head.
-Got 4 new teeth in the last 3 weeks.
-Grabs yogurts out of the fridge, puts them on the table, and begs me to open them.
-His favorite word is pumpkin!
-Loves to play with the bottom tuft of my hair when braided (which has become my new lazy hairstyle).
-Hates when I leave him.
-Runs everywhere - making the outings with the older kids a little crazy.

-Loves puzzles, Uno, Matchies, and Go Fish. Begs hourly for me to do these things with him.
-Is obsessed with borderline potty-words (like bummy, tootie, poopy, etc.)
-Eats all day long - it kills me how often I hear, "I need food!"
-Loves going to the library.
-Has developed a great imagination and loves playing pretend with sisters or friends.
-Wishes he was still doing karate - I need to find a decent-priced class for him.

-Lost another tooth.
-Loves doing school work.
-Doing really well with her piano lessons and practices diligently without any reminders.
-Is so excited about her Hawaiian dance she is learning at ballet class.
-Loves playing outside with friends and comes in freezing every night for dinner.

-All her teeth are finally growing back in.
-Is B-O-R-E-D already without school (we are on week one of a three-week track break).
-Loves gymnastics and practices push-ups, handstands, and back-bends all day long.
-Is learning Carol of the Bells on the piano and plays it constantly.
-Looks forward to the holidays and has already artworked up the house with turkeys and snowmen.


Britt said...

Maisie asks for food constantly, too! Drives me nuts! More evidence that she and Fielding are kindred spirits!

AndersonGR8 said...

Great pics of those great kids! Thanks for providing the updates. Looking forward to some time with them over Thanksgiving.

HowellAZ said...

So darn cute! I guess you're house is pretty busy, eh? :)