Thanksgiving 2014...

We spent Thanksgiving week in Washington - it was fun and awesome like always. Here are 10 things of note about our trip:

10. Perry learned how to "play swords" much to Fielding's delight.

9. We may have found the one person who loves chocolate milk more than Fielding - Baker!

8. Blake couldn't decide on which dessert to have after Thanksgiving dinner - so he had one of each.

6. Perry is incredibly sweet with babies - he loved Everlyn and couldn't get over her hair.

5. Kara may be the one person better than me at coming up with last-minute kid crafts. Who needs Pinterest when you got pumpkin turkeys made from toothpicks, cereal, and Easter candy leftovers?

4. Perry warmed up "like that" to my parents. The second day he got hurt when he fell down (he does this a lot) and totally bypassed me to get some I'll-kiss-it-better action from Grandma instead.

3. Paisley is getting old. Breeana and her were playing MadLibs... I remember playing MadLibs.

2. Fielding ate salad. Well, actually he just picked out the croutons on the salad but this is improvement. I mean atleast they touched the lettuce...

1. I spent my childhood Thanksgivings driving to Idaho to Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's for a total food/cousin fest. Now I get to give my children those same memories (just reverse the direction) - thanks Mom and Dad for making that possible

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