Happy Halloween!

 It was a good one!



 Power Ranger (he was over his Vader costume - I think the cape drove him crazy.)


 A couple of nerds (Look Dad - a picture of me!)

Perry kicked off the festivities by grabbing a bucket and just taking off down the road - he didn't really care about getting candy but he loved the sight-seeing. We had some friends join us and we were the first ones in the neighborhood out so we got the party started.

Cosette is always the first trick-or-treater to poop out. We finally divided up the kids - Blake took Paisley, Fielding, and Oakley while Cosette, Perry, Sophia, and Dane stuck with Rebecca and I. That way we could take it a more manageable pace while the older kids ran off hitting as many doors as possible. We got through a few streets before we headed home so Cosie could sort her loot and answer the door for trick-or-treaters. When I asked her about her favorite part she said "Passing out candy!" which I thought was cute.

Soon the other kiddos made it home and we had trade-mart:
2 M&M's = 1 Snickers
2 Snickers = 1 Twix
2 Twix = Dig In!

It was a super festive night - the weather was perfect, the kids were adorable, and bedtime was easy-peasy which such an exhausted crowd. Blake and I finished off the night playing games with the Dunkley's making Halloween 2014 a total success!

I mean does it get much better than this:


AndersonGR8 said...

sounds like the great pumpkin granted all of your wishes for a perfect Halloween. And mine as well with a picture of you thrown into the mix.

HowellAZ said...

Happy Halloween! I just love your family!