An 8 step guide to a perfect Sunday morning...

1. Purchase bag of frozen Rhodes cinnamon rolls from Wal-mart.

2. During your 3am wake-up call to put more Orajel on your poor teething child, pull rolls from freezer and plop onto pan. Don't worry this is so easy you can do it in a semi-coherent state.

3. When first child arises at 7:30am, put nicely raised rolls into the oven.

4. Place gallon of milk in freezer for the 15 minutes of baking time.

5. Enjoy the smiles as the rest of the family arises from their beds to the most amazing smell known to man.

6. Frost.

7. Eat hot rolls with freezing cold milk. It's ok to have two... or three... or three and a half.

8. Wonder why you ever made cinnamon rolls from scratch when for $3.50 and 5 minutes of active labor you can enjoy these bad-boys just the way you like it - hot, gooey, and delicious.


AndersonGR8 said...

but what about the raisins and walnuts - oh that's right - those are just for old people...

erin said...

Wow. Those look so good right now! I remember being so impressed at BYU that you made so many things from scratch. Good to know you cave to store-bought stuff now and then! haha!
So fun to catch up a little on your cute family on here. Your kiddos are looking so grown up. And that snowman in your previous post is pretty amazing!
I've been updating my addresses (my kids track out for december... trying to finish Christmas cards before then. aaa!) and couldn't remember when I searched old FB messages if the last one I have for your family is the right one. If you have a minute could you email it to me at erngft@gmail.com? Thanks Cyndi!