Uncamping: Bruneau Sand Dune edition...

We took advantage of the warm October nights and headed to Bruneau Sand Dunes yesterday evening. Grandma Taylor came along with us to make it all the more merrier.

Blake and the three oldest kids made it to the top of the big dune where the wind was whipping around like crazy. Grandma, Perry, and I played in the sand at the bottom while we waited.

After our hike we headed to the picnic area where we ate hot dogs and more importantly s'mores.

We climbed on last little dune to make sure that we were fully covered in sand. 

And then we left right after sunset and Blake summed it up pretty good,
 "This is way better than camping!"


Jo said...

Thanks for including me. I had fun and really admire how you enjoy family time together!

HowellAZ said...

Fun family times! Someday we will live close enough to tag along, too. :)