My friend, Kelsey, asked me a few months ago if I would join her and her Grandma, Mom, and sister to go to Time Out for Women. I was {this close} to saying no because that is my default answer when it comes to doing things that take me away from my family - it shouldn't be - but it is. So I took half a moment and actually thought about it and decided that this would be something that I could really benefit from and took Kelsey up on the offer. And I am so glad I did.

Time Out for Women is a women's conference that features talks and music that are meant to be uplifting to women, strengthen our faith, and make us laugh. This girl did all that:

This is Noelle Pikus-Pace and I think I will be naming my next child after her. 

She was incredible! I already have a soft spot in my heart for any Olympian but add in the fact that she scaled a wall into the stands to find her husband and children after winning the silver medal than that just makes you my favorite person ever.
I wish I could find the video of it - she overcame so much to make it to this moment and I love that she did not hold back her celebration. I loved hearing her speak about how small decisions can determine where we go and being careful what we decide to focus on.

The conference was Friday night and most of Saturday. It was fun getting to know Kelsey's family a bit better during the event (and during the 40 minutes it took for us to get out of the parking garage).

 During the wait, I told Blake to throw in some brownies so we could pig out when I got home. Watching the kids all weekend plus hot brownies - what a guy!

Saturday the musical artist was Mercy River, they are an all-mom singing group that have 13 kids between the three of them (plus 1 on the way). Between each speaker and each of their songs they shared antidotes on motherhood that were so relatable. Like the one about how it is okay if you are not crafty-mom or intricate-hairstyle-mom or fun-outing-mom, you can be crazy-dance-party-mom and that is ok. God gave each of our children to us because he knew that we would be the perfect type of mom (whatever type that might be) for them.

It was a great day with these girls. And about a thousand others from the area.
I'll say it again - I'm so glad I went.

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Jo said...

I'm glad you said "yes"!