School is cool...

Today I pulled out my scrapbooking stuff to work on Perry's baby book. I had a lot of self-induced guilt about this because I had posted this post when I finished Fielding's baby book and smugly claimed I could keep up doing these for 6 or 7 or 8 more kids. But then I had Perry and my life felt so entirely full that "baby book" fell completely off the radar and I truly expected that it would never return.

But it has and I find it fascinating and invigorating and I-actually-have-a-handle-on-things-awe-inspiring.

Which has just made me think a lot about this last month - September.

September was the first full month of school for the girls. I have realized there are 3 camps when it comes to sending kids off to school:

#1 - Not happening homeschoolers (I don't get it. I don't get how a mom willing takes this upon herself. I salute them but I don't get it. Seriously - I DON'T GET HOW IT IS DONE?!? I have to teach my children everything - manners, hygiene, nutrition, faith... if long division was on that list as well - my head would explode. They don't want to hear it from me - they hear me enough as it is. I don't get it.)

#2 - I don't want them to go but I will be strong and send them anyway. Also known as nice moms.

#3 - BEST. DAY. EVER!!!

I fall into the third category.

I love sending my precious little children off to school. I love that it gives us structure. I love knowing when we need to be out the door and when we need to be coming back through that door. I love packing lunches and checking Friday Folders. I love that it stimulates them in a way, that try as I might, I am not capable of. I love that it is a safe place that they can go and learn how to navigate this complicated world without me constantly looking over their shoulder. I love that they get to choose their friends. I love that they have homework and reading assignments that fill our time at home in a productive way. I love that they come running in waving papers while screaming "LOOK WHAT I DID TODAY!"

I'm all about school. And September totally confirmed that to me. I kept thinking, "Wow - I am actually doing this. I have four kids and I no longer feel like I am drowning." 

It was a big milestone and I look forward to the next 8 months of school being in session.

 So thank you September and thank you public school system - we'd be climbing the walls without you 
(oh wait - we do that anyways).


HowellAZ said...

Pictures of the scrapbook, please. :)

Britt said...

Me, too! I'm #3! And most of my friends are #1s and #2s. I love the independence that my kids have developed in school. I love the structure!