Pumpkin Time...

We have this awesome family at our church that grows enough pumpkins for all the primary-aged children (we have a small primary). It is my favorite Sunday of the year - the kids come out beaming with their pumpkins and carry them around like they are the best present ever.

So we put those pumpkins (and the others that we picked up at the pumpkin patch and out of our garden) to good use.

This is Perry's new pose and it cracks me up! He was way into the party and was up in everyone's business the whole time!

The finished product! We were glad to have The Ulmer's join us for the party.

The kids all went with the classic shape faces and the girls were able to help a lot more with theirs than ever before - which was fun for them.


HowellAZ said...

Oh.my.word. Cutest kids holding those pumpkins!

Jana Weaver said...

I LOVE that first picture of your kids! It shows so much joy!