You find them in the doctors office.
You find them in the school office.
You find them in your mailbox.

You know those questionnaires/forms that at some point nonchalantly ask Occupation:_________

I am curious if there are any SAHMs out there who have not at some point or another felt a tinge of lameness as you quickly scribble in homemaker.

Even as one who planned my entire life to be just a mom, I still can remember those first few times of filling in that blank and cringing a bit that this is it - this is me - a homemaker.

I didn't like the taste it left in my mouth so I decided to change my game plan.  I decided to own that little space. That instead of hanging my head and mumbling homemaker that I was going to stand up and sing it from the roof tops that I was a MOM!

And that is what I have done from that day since.

Occupation: MOM!

All caps and with an exclamation mark. Because really there is no other way that I want to say it.

I am a MOM!
(and it is stinking awesome.)


HowellAZ said...

YOU are awesome!

Micah Taylor said...

Yes! I wanna do this too now!! Love it :)

AndersonGR8 said...

For years I completed Connie's occupation on our income tax returns as "Domestic Engineer" - I think they were always disappointed that she made so little $ in that role. I like yours better. Nicely done!