The good:
 October has been warm - I would dare say that October has been hot. Swimsuits in autumn make me happy!

 The bad:
 Paisley has been home from school for 3 days. She got a nasty cold that ended up infecting her ears. She has been so sick - today is the first day she has showed signs of improving. Thank goodness!

The ugly:
 Perry has taken one fall after another. In the last two weeks, he has split his mouth open twice, blackened up his forehead, smashed his finger in the doors so bad we went in for an x-ray, and is about to lose his fingernail from the incident. I feel so sorry for him  - he is just one giant bruise.

This week has been one dr. appt/medicine run after another with a few cultural experiences (like watching Harry Potter for the first time) mixed in.

Today Paisley and I were scrapbooking together while Fielding had a leaf-party with Hadley. She commented that staying home is pretty fun and is okay not going back to school.
To which I had to burst her bubble, "You WILL be going to school tomorrow. And I will be disinfecting the entire house." 

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