Conference weekend...

This past weekend was General Conference which is basically a national holiday for us Mormons. 

Blake and my Dad were running the St. Geore Marathon and as badly as I wanted to go with them, Perry was not up for the drive. So the girls went along (Paisley with the runners all the way to St. George and Cosie with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor to play with cousins in Provo).

So the boys and I were left here at home which was great for all of about 10 minutes until I realized it was General Conference weekend and I would not have anyone to make crepes for. So I did what any girl would do and called my sister to lament about it. And she did what any sister would do and hoped in her car, drove 7 hours, and spent the weekend with me and the boys. It was great!

So instead of staying up late reading - I got to stay up late gaming.

And instead of just eating toast - I had someone to make crepes for.

And instead of just dragging - the weekend flew by and Blake and the girls made it home to us yesterday just in time to see Kara before she loaded back in her van to head home. Thank you Kara and kiddos for making the last minute trip - it still makes me smile!

And props to these two crazies! Another marathon finish - Blake's 10th and my dad's 20th! 
Is that not true grit?!? 
I love these studs!


HowellAZ said...

Sounds like you had fun at your house for Conference weekend! I really need to bring a little more fun in to our house...maybe I'll put the kids up at the kitchen sink. :)

Kara Bowman said...

It was a perfect weekend!! Just needed a few more hours to play:)