Why I believe...

I am a believer.

I believe there is a God.

I believe when I look up - when I see endless stars or brilliant sunsets or the first light of dawn.

I believe when I look down - when I feel the touch of grass underfoot or witness the way the waves crash over and over upon the sand.

I believe when I look back - when the memory of Paisley's first cries resounded in my ears and I knew that life was far bigger than I ever imagined.

I believe when I look forward - when I think of Talmage and know that I will see him again.

I have attended church each Sunday from the day I was born. And although it is a big part of why I believe - it is only a part. For me, this world is a testament that there is a God. I can not believe that something as organized and functioning as this planet and the life that is upon it came about because of chance. 

When I see the life in the eyes of those around me, I can not help but think that we have to be here for more than just Monday Night Football and cold beer. Nothing testifies to me more of a perfected deity than us imperfect humans. 

When I look at me, at you, and especially at my children - I believe.