Linder Farms...

We hit up the pumpkin patch early this year to take advantage of the warmer weather and a free Saturday.

Pumpkin patches have come a long way since I was a kid - I kind of miss the original ones where a field of pumpkins was all you got. Because now it is so commercialized that the entire time I have to tell my kids "No we can't do the bounce house - it costs extra." and "No we can't do the pumpkin slingshot - it costs extra." and "No we can't buy hot dogs - this isn't a ballgame."

But luckily there were a few attractions that came with the cost of admission so we let the kids do those as much as they wanted.

This is what we did:

*Enjoyed the hay pyramid with a long pipe slide coming down from the top. Everyone tried it out - including Daddy.

*Rode the peddle tractors.

*Stuck Perry in the hay maze much to his dismay.

*Climbed some tires.

 *Did some petting at the petting zoo.

*And Fielding's personal favorite - became one with the corn box.

But then Perry tried to eat it - so we took our pumpkins and left.

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