Revival bear...

Friday night we headed to the park for some games of Kick The Can and Relieval Bear (which is team hide-and-seek and the kids renamed it Revival Bear - which makes me laugh every time I think about it).

 Brooke out ran David to the milk jug.

 Grandpa hiding in the trees.

David trying to be skinny.

Picking teams.

Team Urkel - although I don't think these cousins know who Urkel is.

Pizza for the troops.

 Cousins on a rock.

David and Jess taking it easy.

 Perry loved the slides - even if this picture says otherwise.

We had a little extra room in the van so we threw in Fielding's bike which was so nice to have around on our trip.

Uncle Chad stole it though - much to Fielding's dismay! 

 He got it back and scored some Cheetohs - what more does a 3-year-old need?!?

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