Karate kid...

Fielding has been begging and begging to do karate.  So I started to look - most place only took 4-year-olds or only offered night classes. But I finally found a place that offers 3-week-trials to 3-year-olds to see if they can follow directions well enough to join a class.

So we gave karate a shot. The first day we arrived way late (completely my fault) and Fielding would not even get off my lap. He cried, "I want to do karate." And I would say, "K - go out there." And then he would say, "I can't. There are other kids." He was very tormented about it all and the coach said to try one more class because sometimes kids just have to get used to the space/idea.

Fielding cried the whole way home saying, "I missed my chance. Now I never get to do karate." So I told him he could try one more class but we would leave if he didn't immediately get on the mat and follow directions.

So we went back. And Fielding got down to business.

At the beginning of class - the kids ask permission to train. The teacher asked Fielding if he was ready to work hard to get his white belt that day to which he replied, "No - I want a black one!" Which made all of us laugh.

Fielding tried hard and really enjoyed the punching and kicking.

At one point, they were supposed to kick the pad over their heads and when another boy kicked it close to Fielding, he picked it up and chucked it across the room. He got reprimanded for this and I thought for sure he would shut down and walk off the mat. But he took it like a man and said he was sorry and hasn't had any more disciplinary issues. I really like how a lot of karate is about discipline and self-control - little boys need all the help they can get in these areas.

Here he is at the end of class with his belt. He is still disappointed that it is not black but we are working on that concept.

And I probably am willing to do the whole thing because of the free uniform. 
He looks beyond adorable in this thing.

I mean his belt is size 000 - how cute is that!

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AndersonGR8 said...

000 - triple outstanding it appears to mean. I will be on guard when next I meet up with him.