Good eating...

I have found a few life changing recipes lately - thought I would share.

I am not a spaghetti person - I would take white sauce over red sauce any day on any vehicle (noodles, pizza, or dipping). But I am married to a marathoner so spaghetti appears on our menu more than it would probably otherwise. I first had something similar to this at Jennette, my sister in law's house, the night before the Utah Valley Marathon. And it changed my opinion of spaghetti. Right now I can make it with all the veggies from the garden, adding squash and peppers also, for a quick and inexpensive summer meal!

Nothing beats hot bread lathered in butter topped with cheese and garlic salt. I like that I can make these start to finish in less than an hour and they are delicious! A go-to weekly meal around here is chicken ceaser salad with these and a smoothie. My neighbors like salad night because I share the hot bread love by bringing them half the pan so we don't completely engorge ourselves.

This recipe is a good side - it is especially good when the garden is overflowing. I have switched from using the packet of dressing mix to just some garlic salt and pepper. I also just saute it in a frying pan when the propane on the grill gives out in the middle of dinner prep - they still taste great.

I have been making this one for awhile - I kind of use this recipe but kind of just make it up as well (like instead of chicken stock I use milk/water and a cube of chicken bouillon and I always add garlic). And this is the one recipe in which I swear by american cheese - it melts much creamier than cheddar. And if you make soup - it must be served in a bread bowl - it must.

One of Blake's favorite meals is stuffed peppers. I have made them a variety of ways but I like this recipe because it uses fresh veggies. I skip using the oil and just saute the onions and garlic after the hamburger is cooked and drained. And I add corn kernels. And I top with pepperjack cheese which gives a great cheesy kick!


AndersonGR8 said...

Dang, that made me hungry. But wait, I am always hungry.

Trisha said...

Thanks for sharing some recipes. It's always fun to hear what others cook regularly. I am looking forward to trying the one-pot spaghetti.

HowellAZ said...

Thanks for sharing! Ummm, bread sticks.