Fishing and more...

The whole reason we went to Washington was because my Dad had put together a big fishing trip for the family. Blake was originally supposed to be running the Pocatello Marathon this weekend but as soon as he heard that salmon fishing was involved he changed his plans.

So him and 19 others of the family took off bright and early Saturday to hit the coast. It was wet and cold but the fish were still biting. Not quite as good as the boys had hoped but still a great trip for those involved.

For those of us back at Grandma's, we took it easy. The weather turned cold so we stayed indoors with a field trip to the playplace for ice cream cones.

 We did some arts and crafts, which the girls enjoyed.

The boys ran around hitting each other with inflatable swords (typical).

For dinner, we headed to the church (because we wouldn't all fit at my parents) and enjoyed copycat Cafe Rio - which was delicious to fisherman and non-fisherman alike. Here is Jaci fulfilling her role as lunch lady (she's a professional one in real life so she did good).

After dinner, Fielding and Baker had a measure-off.

It got serious enough that Baker had to put down the nerf gun.

I'm pretty sure it was a tie!

Cosette loves her Uncles - they let her have free reign on their phones. I have to add here that all the fisherman came home looking utterly exhausted (well except Christy and my Dad - they never wear down). Blake was the worst - he took Dramamine and it was mistake - he was incredibly drowsy all day and into the night.

  Sunday we did the church thing and then came home for a salmon feast - YUM!

There were bubbles.

Awesome aunts.

Birthday cake in honor of Kent.

Naps (I think there was still some Dramamine in the system).

Boy cousins looking tough. 

And the classic Grandkid picture attempts:

Another great trip - we even survived the drive home with sad, tired children!

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HowellAZ said...

Looks like you guys have been having a great time. Love the kids and the cute things they say.