On Saturday, Cosette and Paisley squealed in glee as they realized Cosie had her first loose tooth. Cosie wiggled that thing non-stop since then and today was the big day.

We were at the park and she came over and said, "Mom this tooth is bugging me - can you pull it out?" I said yes and put my fingers on it but then she had second thoughts, "No - I will do it." So I told her to just twist it instead of wiggling it. She twisted one way and then the next and to both of our surprise out it came! She beamed with pride for about half a second then noticed the blood and with a frown screamed, "Ugh - I need a wipe!" 

So Cosie - she hates being messy!

She was so brave about the whole thing - I figured she would find the whole ordeal frightening and uncomfortable but no... she acted like a pro.

Out of all my kids she seems to be the one that is growing leaps and bounds at the moment - I still picture her like this:

My little Bird.

(I never realized how much her and Perry look alike - Cosette had award-winning chubby cheeks and Perry is a more willing picture taker - Cosie and the camera have never been friends - but other than that they got a lot of the same stuff going on!)

But instead she is reading and writing and requesting daily, "Mom, can I pour my own milk?" "Mom, can I make my toast?" "Mom, can I walk to class by myself?" She was reached a total independent streak which is great - I just keep forgetting how capable she has become!

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