Cosie started back into dance classes. We took the summer off which was a nice break and made the anticipation of this day all the more better.

She went and sat in the car about a half an hour before class and colored. 

"Just so I can be ready to go when you are Mom."

My sister, Jaci, told me that you will know when you find the right activity for your kids because they will be asking constantly if it is time for practice with all their gear in hand. She said if you have to gather everything and remind and repeat to get them in the car then it probably is not an activity worth doing. I like this and I like that Cosie proved to me that dance is right for her.

I held her off as long as I could but we still arrived about 15 minutes early. 

I could see her feeling "shy" as we watched and waited for her turn.

But Hadley arrived and Mrs. Bri handed out the ribbon sticks and she was good to go.

I don't know if Hadley and her realized anyone else was in the class - they were in their own universe.


 First position-ing.

Perry really wanted to go try - he was way into the music.

I love his stiff-legged walk. He now prefers walking over crawling - which has been good for his knees!

It was fun watching Cosie dance again - it makes her happy!

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AndersonGR8 said...

Too cute. and getting way too big.