What I think about when I am running...

People often ask me what I "do" while I run.

I am a completely un-tethered runner - I do not listen to music, I do not carry water, I do not even wear a watch. I run for the peace and quiet of no one referring to me as mom for a brief portion of the day. 

When I run, I completely clear my mind of anything and everything. I have heard of people memorizing scriptures while they run. I have heard of people mentally writing their to-do list. I have heard of people coming up with ideas for the next YA bestseller. 

That is all too much work for me. 

However, on occasion I do find myself thinking about the one thing that I can think about when I am running - which is running.

Many a mental blog posts have been written on the subject of running while my feet are pounding the pavement. Most the posts never show up here because let's face it no one cares about my deep running thoughts (except for possibly my dad and Kara).

Every now and then, I do get carried away and have to write something like this because I can not help but share the running love or running hatred or whatever it is that makes me do it.

Today, Blake and I did a 12k (I know - totally random mileage for a race) in the foothills. This was my first post-marathon run that actually had some mileage to it. It felt great and awful. That is what running is - a series of highs and lows that, as long as you finish it, it will leave you feeling accomplished. 

Which is like life.

In fact, running offers a lot of metaphors for life. Here are a few of the ones I have mulled over on some long stretches of miles:

*Some people need more support than others. Some runners take off on a run with nothing but their short-shorts on; while, others need to pull on their compression sleeves, cinch up their hydration belt, insert headphones, strap on their heart rate monitor, and wear their phone attached to their arm.

*People come in all shapes and sizes - the way your body looks matters less than what you are willing to do with it. It always amazes me how you can not judge someone's speed at the start of a race. I have been passed by hundreds of old grannies, larger "Clydesdale" division runners, and stick-skinny high-schoolers.

*Sometimes you think you are on a hill but you are really on a mountain. And sometimes you think you are on a mountain but you are really just on a hill.

*Don't focus too much on how much further you still have to go - sometimes look back and say to yourself, "Wow! Look how far I have came!"

And most importantly -

*Don't be quick to judge - you do not know the mile that someone else is on.

Blake and I post race - nice and sweaty!


Kara Bowman said...

I love this blog. It's exactly what i needed on a lazy weekend. I'm glad you were able to get out there and run. And I'm glad i have someone to share this is obsession with. Keep running even when those miles get hard!

Pops said...
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Pops said...

Let's try this again. I can run I just can't type.
Nice post runner chick. I need to come join you fur a fun run - defined as any run with my kiddos. Never lose your love of running.