The boys of summer...

When I was expecting Perry, everybody asked me if I wanted a boy. I think it is funny how other people get hung up on how many kids you have and what their genders are - because you really only have very little say in both those matters. That pregnancy I wanted nothing more than a healthy baby - whichever gender came would just be an added bonus.

When Perry did arrive I was excited that we had added another brother to the mix (especially for Fielding). Now that we are over a year into this 4-kid circus - I am grateful everyday for these two boys. They totally get each other just by being male.

Hose: check!

Bucket: check!

 Big nasty stretched out worm: check!

Let's do this Bro!

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HowellAZ said...

BOYS are so much fun and so busy...and so much fun! :)