MK nature center...

In downtown Boise there is a nature center for kids... by the river... free of charge.

How have I not been here before?!?

We met a friend there so we took some photos with the fish while we waited.

Fishy faces.

Fielding couldn't really master the fishy face.

 In the center they have a bunch of stuffed - as in once living but now stuffed - animals. The kids enjoyed that part (think Cabelas but more educational) but really loved when we headed outside. Fielding took the lead and showed us the way. The paths lead over ponds and waterfalls. And there are lots of viewing tanks for fish.

We saw some big ones and lucky for us, Elizabeth is a fish expert and told us all about them.

We also found this cute photo op.

Mama and her owlets. (Fielding's boots sticking out the bottom make my day.)

After the nature center we ate lunch at the park right next door than headed down to the river to dip our toes in.

We love exploring new places with new friends - especially new friends with new squishy babies!

We will definitely be adding the MK Nature Center to our Places to Hit up on Long Summer Days list.

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