Little art...

I love watching my kids make it.

I love admiring it as I open the fridge to grab the milk.

I love the time they spend creating.

On Sunday, Fielding totally walked up to the girls, who were coloring away at the table, and said "I want to color." He has always been a non-colorer so I wasn't expecting this to go far. But he got himself a paper and a marker and said "This is a head. And this is a leg. And this is another leg. And this is an eye. And this is an eye. And this is a smile. I drew a person!" 

This is his first person that he has drawn. And you should of heard the praise his sisters (and his mom) offered up. He drew about a dozen more after this one. And then came up to me and said, "I can't believe I know how to draw a person!"

This past week has been an art-heavy week. In an effort to clear the fridge for some new masterpieces I had to photograph some of my favorites.

Camel Family by Paisley. Paisley asked me what my favorite thing for her to draw is and I said "Our family." and then she asked me what my favorite animal was and I said, "Camel." She put them together and presented me with this beauty.

 Mom and Me by Cosie - portraits are always my favorite. Bitsy by Paisley for Fielding.

Lemon the Cat by Paisley.

I love my little artists!
This one is entitled Twins. Fielding drew Talmage and him to take over to the cemetary.

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HowellAZ said...

I have to say your kids are especially good at art. Hummm, I wonder where they inherited that gift? The camel family is my favorite! And how sweet that Fielding drew twins! Love those kids.