Last night, Blake went to grab his hot cookie off the pan to go with his ice cream and noticed something odd.

B - "Wow - only 3 cookies. Are you okay?"
C - "Yea - I just felt like 3."
B - "Felt like 3. Are you sure you're okay?"

C - "Yes! I only want 3 cookies and I haven't blogged in 6 days and I haven't taken a single photo this week but I promise you I am okay."

And I am. I am okay. I'm just... well, that B-word, that I don't like.

Between our garden and school schedules and getting to the gym and a 14 month-old (wow - I forgot how "moving" this age is), the days just roll past me in a blur of lunch-packing, carseat-buckling, laundry-folding, and little boy's 15 minute trips to the bathroom (Fielding is in that "I-must-strip-naked-each-time-I-need-to-use-the-potty" stage).

It's good and full and is really the life I always dreamed of living which just blows my mind that this is it - this is me living life as a grown-up. 
When did I grow up?

So - yea I am okay. Just a wee bit occupied elsewhere.

(Yet - I still find time to play hour long games of Caverna. It's a sad addiction really but on Sunday I broke the elusive 100-point mark and won by a landslide which was incredibly fantastic for a geek like me.)

Now that is a beautiful cave/farm!


AndersonGR8 said...

Does this mean you have outgrown playing 13 and out with me? Looking forward to seeing you all on this side of the mountains!

Jana Weaver said...

Way to win! Glad you're loving your current life, well, most of it anyway.

Micah Taylor said...

I want to play that game. It looks so cool... all the little pieces!! Christmas time = game time? :)