First days...

The school-supply-stuffed backpacks have been hanging for the last week.

The outfits were laid out the night before.

 Meet and Greet Night on Monday was a success.

And today it happened - we now got two school-agers in the house!

The girls surprised me and kind of took on a role-reversal.

Paisley who has been anticipating this day since the last day of 1st grade was more than eager to go until her bus actually arrived at the stop. She ran back to me for one last kiss and burst into tears, "I don't want to go!" I replied, "No - you do. You'll do great!" So she mustered the courage and walked onto the bus looking back with big puppy dog eyes. It was kind of nice to know that she still needs me - I was starting to wonder with all her end-of-summer sass.

Cosette has also looked forward to this day but I was curious how the actual drop-off would go. She goes in the afternoon and at about 10 she was dying because school was just taking too long to come.

We finally got there, hung up her backpack, she sat down at her desk, and I said, "K - are you good?" and she looked back at me with this total, "I got this Mom." look so I said "Love you! See you at the bus stop!" and sprinted for the door before she had a chance to change her mind.

We are all super excited for this milestone - well, all of us except Fielding. He was totally bummed he could not tag along with Cosie to Kindergarten. He promised me, "The teacher does not care that I am 3." I promised him that she does.


AndersonGR8 said...

Thanks for sharing the special moments of the first day of school. We all remember the feelings. Love these little scholars!

HowellAZ said...

I LOVE those kids! They are all getting so big and grown up, especially Cosie. Can't believe she took off those training wheels and taught herself. Hope you enjoy all the "free time" you have now. Hahaha!