2 wheeler...

One of my favorite conversations with Blake went like this:

Scene: Standing in driveway while watching Paisley struggle riding her bike without training wheels.
C - Well, how did you learn how to ride a bike?
B - I taught myself.
C - You taught yourself?
B - Yea. I could tell when the training wheels were touching and when they were not. So I just learned to balance so they wouldn't touch and then asked my dad to take them off. 
C - Seriously?!? That is so you. Only you would do that.

But now I know it is not just him.

His daughter, who is just like him, has also taught herself how to ride her bike.

It was totally her idea and her sheer determination that did it for her. She begged all last week to have her training wheels taken off. I finally got around to it (I avoid "bike-stuff" at all costs) and she just got right to work. It took her about 20 minutes before she was really up and going but once she got it - she was unstoppable. She first practiced on this smaller bike and now that she has mastered it she has moved up to her bigger bike.

I am proud of Cosette. She can be so timid on some things but then other times she just goes for it. She definitely went for it this time and has had a blast riding her bike this week.

And I am so happy I don't have to spend hours running behind her holding her seat.

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AndersonGR8 said...

Hey Cosette,
I look forward to a bike ride together. Nice job Cosie girl!